Amazon 4-Star and Brick and Mortar Strategy

Amazon launched a new physical store on September 27th called Amazon 4-Star. The stores sell products from that are either best sellers, ranked 4 stars or higher, or new and trending. This is more incentive to make sure that you are monitoring reviews, have the best browse nodes possible and have a launch strategy for your new products. In addition to top rated products Amazon will also be selling its own products, Alexa devices and smart home accessories.
The 4-Star store is part of Amazon’s broader brick and mortar expansion. Earlier this month, it considering opening 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021 to expand on the success of its Amazon Go store. Amazon already has more than 500 physical retail locations including Wholefoods and pop-up stores. Amazon stores commonly sell Amazon private label products and high-volume items with good margins.
In the 4-Star store, digital price tags alongside every product show the Prime price and list price, as well as Prime member savings, average star rating, and the total number of reviews a product has received. Customers who aren’t already Prime members can sign up for a free 30-day trial and receive the price in store. This is yet another way that Amazon is luring customers with discounts and other incentives to shop and return to Amazon as a Prime customer.