Amazon clamps down on Counterfeit listings

Amazon has announced a new tool for First Party (1P) sellers to help police counterfeit items. An invite only program called “Project Zero” gives brands the ability to remove suspected counterfeit items without Amazon’s intervention. There are robust training requirements, and Amazon says they will be closely monitoring usage of the tool for signs of abuse or weaponization.
Alongside the ability to remove counterfeit items, Amazon has announced two other features of Project Zero, including “Enhanced Automated Protection” when provided companies logos, trademarks and other information, Amazon can automatically remove suspect listings.
Finally, Amazon is expanding its Transparency program, which offers product serialization in the Amazon FC for a fee of between 1 cent and 5 cents a unit. There currently is no way to sign up for Project Zero, but Amazon is keeping a wait-list of potential additions. Please contact your Navazon Account Manager for more details. 
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