Amazon Custom

Unthinkable 3 years ago, Amazon now has a section dedicated to customizable products. From customized jewelry to a personalized pocket knife to a monogrammed golf divot repair tool, the selection is growing each day. Currently, this feature is only available to Sellers in Seller Central. This Amazon Custom capability supports three customization types – text, image and product configuration.
  • Text customization allows customers to add text to products using color and font options specified within Seller Central. Examples include embroidery, engraving, printing and more.
  • Image customization allows customer to upload images or logos to customize products. Customers choose from a predetermined set images or designs specified by Sellers within Seller Central.
  • Using Product Configuration, customers can make-on-demand items, choosing from drop-down options that Sellers specify within Seller Central.
Amazon Custom is another way that Amazon provides endless options and convenience for its customers.