Amazon Private Label Healthcare Products

  • Arcadia Group will be manufacturing a line of healthcare devices for Amazon
  • The healthcare brand is called Choice and includes blood sugar and heart health products
Amazon has insider information when it comes to private label products. Amazon has over 20 years of market data, product pricing and customer behavior. Now Amazon is creating healthcare products. By moving into healthcare products, especially smart healthcare products, Amazon is entering the lives of more customers and will collect new types of data. Perhaps it will monitor when you’re most likely to buy, how best to influence you to buy or when to ask for a favorable product review.
As of November 4, 2018, though none of the Choice products are in-stock, Amazon has built product detail pages for the products and even begun to populate customer reviews on the pages. One product page already has 3 customer reviews with pictures. Once Amazon launches the Choice products, it is expected that they will prominently display the products on like it has done with other Amazon products such as the Echo line of products.
Actions the Choice brand has taken so far:
  • Product submitted to Amazon
  • ASIN created
  • Live detail page created w/ 5 bullets and a full description
  • 5+ hi-res images uploaded
  • A+ page published
  • Customer reviews posted on the product detail page
  • Amazon store created using custom graphics and marketing materials
It is highly likely that their next steps will be to place the product in a prominent place of the search results in a “top rated from our brands” or “hot new release” section, and then promote the ad during a high traffic period, such as the upcoming Black Friday periods. While these steps that Amazon has in its arsenal to market its own products cannot be replicated exactly, a similar effect can be achieved with self-service advertising and promoting.
Although Amazon has access to more customer data and promotional features than the average vendor, almost all of the steps that they have taken for a new product launch are available to any vendor/seller on Amazon. This launch plan example highlights that content is key to the success of any product on Amazon.
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