New Navazon Services

Navazon is now offering a la carte services. Have problems with duplicate product listings or Sellers posting inaccurate content about your products in separate listings? Did you know that browse nodes and hidden keywords can drastically impact SEO and AMS Performance? Give Navazon’s new services a try.

Duplicate Listings – Are you seeing duplicate offers of your products showing up? Or, duplicate offers with ridiculous pricing. If so, submit your ASINs to Navazon and we’ll identify how many duplicate offers exist in your catalog. Navazon will identify and merge duplicate offers on a regular basis (one-time, semi-annually or annually). Submit your ASINs to us to learn how many duplicate offers exist on your products free of charge.
Browse Nodes – Are your products listed in the best browse nodes for customers and are your products getting the most exposure that they could? If you are a direct seller, or 1P seller, to Amazon your products can simultaneously be in up to 4 nodes in some categories. Navazon’s browse node service will show you the current nodes of your products, assign missing ones and research additional ones. We updated browse nodes for the product in the image to the right and the product received a “Best Seller” label in two separate nodes, as seen by the #1 Best Sellers Rank.
Hidden Keywords – Keywords inform Amazon’s algorithm. Do your products have the best keywords? Navazon will review and report your current keywords, research improvements and submit updates to Amazon.