Amazon Searches Reportedly Account for the Company’s Own Profits

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s product search feature has reportedly been tweaked to feature products that are more profitable for the company, like private-label goods it owns, more prominently. However, Amazon spokesperson Angie Newman claims that the story is not factually accurate.
While the truth of any of the claims is yet to be determined, the fact remains that any change to how Amazon’s search operates would heavily impact its consumers and selling partners. When most product views on the marketplace come from the first page of search results, a higher ranking in any search will likely boost the sales of that product.
Amazon has been in the process of shifting focus from having the greatest e-commerce selection to profitability. This latest change in their search algorithm would further illustrate the length they are willing to go to accomplish their profitability goals. It is also important to keep in mind that Amazon may not work with vendors if they didn’t provide significant profit. With changes to search algorithms, if the claim has any truth to it, vendors may have to tweak their operations to ensure they are profitable for the e-retailer as well as for themselves.
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