Explosive Growth on the Amazon Vine

Do you have a new product you’re launching on the Amazon marketplace? Looking to get reviews and ratings for it? Amazon’s Vine program could be just the thing you need! Amazon Vine is a program that sends products to esteemed reviewers, named Vine Voices, who review and rate your product. Additional reviews generally enhance conversion and boost sales.
The Vine Voices will provide a review of your product, which can be highly beneficial to new releases, as it provides vendors feedback and builds brand trust. Found in the top tiers of the reviewing community, Vine Voices are considered trustworthy and honest, and their reviews onsite are tagged to indicate that it came from a member of the Vine program. The Vine Voices have no contact with vendors and receive no payments from Amazon for the reviews provided, ensuring that each review is unbiased.
Vendors can enroll products into the Amazon Vine program in Vendor Central. Once an item has been added, Vendors can then indicate criteria, such as age, interests, or gender of possible reviewers, and send the items off to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. An internal algorithm will match the product(s) with pertinent Vine Voices, which ensures that the product is getting into the hands of the most relevant reviewers possible. The cost of the program can range from $2,500 to $7,500 per ASIN depending on product category. If you are a client and are interested in the Vine program, let your Account Manager know. Navazon has tips to lower the cost.
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