Wal-Mart launches “Fast-lane” a cashier-less checkout system

Wal-Mart is taking on Amazon’s cashier-less (Amazon Go) stores with their latest retail innovation: Fast Lane. Customer’s who use Wal-Mart’s mobile shopping app are able to scan products on their phone as they shop. Once they are ready to check out, the shopper receives a barcode on their mobile, which they scan in the Fast Lane.
After facing widespread shoplifting during their Scan & Go program, Wal-Mart has added a final check before customers are allowed to leave the store. During the final check, a Wal-Mart employee checks the customer’s receipt to make sure they scanned all things correctly.
This technology has been implemented in one of Wal-Mart’s new locations in Toronto. And if the pilot goes well, they will be including it in more stores around the world.
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