Amazon Insights on Brand Impressions

Amazon Insights is a market research program that helps brands develop, launch, and sell their products. The program analyzes and brings together customer perceptions from surveys about the products that they buy. Responses to these surveys highlight attributes and assets of the products which customers say are most likely to impact buying decisions.


With this information directly from shoppers, vendors can design and develop rich detail pages that maximize conversion.


Within Amazon Insights, there are several products to take advantage of:


· Brand Pulse Assessments – Provides a diagnostic of how a brand is resonating with customers, to understand what and where is their greatest opportunity


Net Promoter Score Plus – Measures the willingness of customers to recommend your products or services to others


Brand Health – Understand what potential and current customers know about your brand and how they associate your products to the rest of the category


· Customer Motivation Assessments & Opportunities – Enable brands to determine their main opportunities to delight customers and (depending on the results) may also include actionable next steps surrounding customer behavior and conversion.


Path-to-Purchase – Builds insights around how your customers find your product and who is buying it


Lost Customer – Understand ‘why’ customers left your page/brand and why they chose a competitor


Buying Behavior – Aggregated data from the ‘Lost Customer Study’ AND the ‘Path to Purchase Study’ in a joint solution; Both surveys are run separately but analyzed together to understand the intersection of these customers and opportunities to re-engage


· Product Growth Opportunities – Provides actionable insights to help increase your product’s growth, based on customer feedback.


Name and Title Study – Measures customers’ responses to different product titles, key words and features


Pricing Study – Drives actionable recommendations for the price of a product


Concept Feature Study – Identifies top concept(s) to consider in future development or to iterate on existing products based on potential customers


· Content Engagement Opportunities – Provides actionable insights to help increase customer engagement with a product’s content (video, images etc). This can be done for content both on your product detail pages and outside (merchandising/advertising).


Detail Page Evaluation – Customers visit your existing live detail page and provide valuable feedback about their experience


Content Evaluation – Gather customers’ preferences on what content is most effective at answering what matters most to them


With all this information at your fingertips, your brand will be able to hone your catalog and product listings to exactly what your target shopper is looking for in a product. This kind of research can be applied to existing or unreleased products to boost profitability or have an incredibly successful product launch.