‘Amazon Move’ Eases the Transition

Moving is one of the most complicated and stressful events in life these days, and people jump at opportunities to make that process easier. Amazon has come to be known for its ability to give consumers exactly what they want, sometimes even before they know they want it.


Amazon Move is a new program to address the many needs of people that are relocating from one home to another.


Separating the various products and services into three different groups, Amazon can address every stage of the moving process: Packing and moving in, settling into the new place to make it your own, and enjoying your new home.


Pack and Move in –


With products like boxes, bubble wrap, cleaning supplies, and home security devices, this section is a hub of products that movers need to get their things ready to move, clean up their new or old place, and make their new home safe and secure.


This is the perfect place for vendors and sellers to feature their products that can help people ease the physical process of moving their lives from one place to another.


Make it Your Own –


A new home often means more than just a new location. This step of Amazon Move offers products such as furniture, home improvement tools, home entertainment devices, appliances and more. With these products all in one place, shoppers can find everything they need to upgrade every room in their new home.


Vendors and sellers with items that can improve the living space of customers may find this the perfect place to feature their offers, from beds and sofas to slow cookers and washing machines.


Enjoy Your Space –


Everyone wants their new place to feel like their home is unique and their very own. With home décor, smart home devices, and outdoor living products, this stage of Amazon Move will help them no longer be a mover so they can simply live in their new home.


As a hub of household essentials, decorations, plants, and more, this platform showcases these products in an ideal position to get in front of shoppers that are ready to buy them.


Amazon Move is different than most of Amazon’s incredibly versatile programs in that it targets customers differently. While most types of campaigns target shopper profiles, or a person that may always want to buy that product, Amazon Move targets an activity, process, or event in a shopper’s life. In doing this, Amazon inserts its presence more fully into peoples’ lives as the go-to place for retail. To see more about Amazon Move, visit the website.


If you have products that can help movers through this transitory phase, the Platinum, Gold, or Silver packages may be ideal for you to get those products in front of your target customers. Contact Navazon today to find the best way to take advantage of this new program