Amazon’s Support for New Product Launches

Getting a new product to sell successfully has always been a difficult task for retailers. On Amazon, where there are already so many things for shoppers to see, it seems like a new product will just get lost in the shuffle. And for some products, if they don’t sell quickly, they become obsolete.


But products can ramp quickly and become top sellers if the right tools are used well.


Amazon is releasing a program meant to assist vendors when they release new products onto Amazon. This program benefits those new products in several ways, but they must qualify for the program in order to receive that help.




· Enables a Faster Launch – Getting new products selling and successful as quickly as possible is essential for efficient use of time, energy, and available resources that are put into the product’s overall lifespan


· Traffic Drivers – Support to bring shoppers to view your products can be placed on Amazon’s homepage, detail pages, and category storefronts, bringing your products to the forefront


· High Visibility and Validation – Consideration for search curation, influencer visibility, and increased review count on detail pages will help your products rank higher in search results and convince shoppers to click that buy button


· Indexed Reporting – Data glance views, click through, and attributed OPS after the NPLP support can help drive further action on your products to grow success into the future




· Vendor must have been using Amazon Advertising for at least 90 days, helping build up a resource of data for actions on new products


· The product cannot already be in stock in an Amazon FC


· The total product cost must be below required maximum initial buy value


· The product must meet profitability thresholds, ensuring everyone profits from sales


· A minimum of a 3.5-star rating will help increase clicks and conversion rates


· A+ content helps communicate with and educate shoppers on the product and your brand


· Fast Track Enabled – Presents a quicker ship message on the detail page


Effects: With initial program testing, some vendors have shown great growth when launching a new product


· Traffic Boost: Can increase by more than two times, to reach an audience that is doubled in size


· Unit Sales: With such a larger audience, and effective content on the new products, conversion can increase by up to 2.5 times


Available in platinum, gold, and silver packages, the Launch Support program has something to fit the needs of almost any vendor. If you have a new product or will soon, contact Navazon today to find the best way to get them in front of shoppers and selling.