Premium A+ Advantages

Many vendors and sellers on have discovered the advantages of A+ content on their detail pages. This section of a product’s detail page has given those items a great ability to communicate with shoppers through several combinations of images, text, and tables to showcase features and provide education about the product itself, enhance their overall brand story, or a combination of both.


Using Premium A+ allows more kinds of interactive communication, while also offering more ways to improve the education and branding for those products in a much more visually appealing way. Premium A+ also relies less on text as it focuses on imagery and video to communicate with shoppers.


Major Premium A+ Advantages:


· 7 modules to include instead of 5


· Currently a total of 19 modules to choose from instead of 14 – Enhanced modules include video, clickable Q&A, interactive comparison charts, carousel modules, and more


· Videos – This is yet another place on detail pages where products can include videos. It is well known that videos help sell products better than just pictures and text, communicating information and ideas to an audience with minimal effort on their part.


· Interactive Comparisons – You can click through other similar products to compare aspects of them to the product of the current detail page.


· Hotspots – Allows shoppers to learn more about products when they hover their mouse over certain areas of an image.


· Large image size – Larger images that can span the width of the screen allow the A+ section of the detail page to resemble a branded website more than an Amazon product listing.


Sales Boost:


All of these improvements in presenting products are there for the purpose of increasing the sales of the product. Early testing has shown that Premium A+ gives an average of 20.2% sales lift over products w/o A+, whereas the basic A+ increase is only 5.6%.




While basic A+ is free to add to product listings, Premium A+ does cost money. The price is negotiated with Amazon, so it can vary greatly, depending on the vendor or seller.

If you want to take advantage of these increased advantages with Premium A+, contact Navazon today to find out which of your products can benefit the most.