Making Your Best Brand Store on Amazon

One difficulty with selling on Amazon these days is ensuring that your brand is represented accurately to customers. Amazon now offers Brand Store pages as an opportunity for businesses to showcase their catalog in a much more customized and unique way meant to build brand loyalty and improve the overall image of your brand to Amazon shoppers. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon Brand Stores provide a centralized location where vendors can showcase all the products they sell on the marketplace. 
  • Brand Store pages can be as simple or complex as needed, depending on the work put into it. 
  • Various methods can further improve your Brand Store, such as collecting and using data from the page, directing marketing campaigns to it, using variations, and more. 


What is a Brand Store? 

Brand Stores give vendors and sellers a place without all the competition of search results and category listings. This is because they are the ones selling everything on the page. 

With a Brand Store page, a vendor or seller basically has their own website within Amazon where they can customize the presentation of their products. With a lot of personalization options, these pages allow vendors and sellers to display their whole catalogue, helping generate brand loyalty, cross sell products, and showcase the brand itself. 


How Are Brand Stores Made? 

To build an Amazon store, you need to have an Amazon Advertising login, giving you access the store creation tools. start by defining your scope.   

    • How many products do you have?   
    • How many different product types do you have?   
    • Do you want your store to function as a website, holding all your products?  
    • Would you like to promote and highlight top products and product lines?  
    • Do you have marketing materials that can be used in a store, or do you need to make custom graphics?  
    • Do you have the capacity to create this content? 

The answers to these questions can help you know what kind of Brand Store you need. It could anything between a single store page containing products and marketing material, 

a multiple page store, with pages for different product categories or product lines, 

or multi-level store with multiple pages and sub-pages. 

Whatever kind of Brand Store you want to create, you will need to gather the necessary assets to create it. 

Minimum requirements –  

    • Images and graphics of multiple sizes 
    • Links to the products that will be listed 
    • Text for marketing materials 
    • Text for titles (less than 50 characters) and descriptions (less than 100 characters) 

Creating a Brand Store can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the page and the responsiveness of Amazon. 


Tips to Optimize Your Brand Store 


One of the most effective ways to get shoppers to your Brand Store is by putting links to it outside of Amazon, whether on your own website, social media accounts, or other advertising channels. 


Amazon provides data that can give you instant feedback on the traffic to and through your Brand Store 


These source tags help you see the outcome of your off-amazon marketingconnecting sales directly to links that bring shoppers to the store page. This allows you more visibility into the ROI of various marketing campaigns. 


Integrated Marketing Campaigns 

Amazon advertising can also synchronize with your Brand Store to increase the effectiveness of certain kinds of marketing campaigns. 


For example, the default option for sponsored brand ad (SBA) is to drive traffic to an autogenerated page that displays the products that you have included in the sponsored brand ad. 

An alternative method is to direct the SBA ad to a page in your Amazon store that has the products listed. In the example below, it would go to a custom page on Amazon that shows the FINIS Pull Buoy, DUO, and Swimming Fins among other Finis products. 

“Amazon showed that combining marketing campaigns with Brand Storesproduced a 23% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) compared to the default method. 


Streamlining tile listings 

Much of a Brand Store consists of tiles that show individual products that link to their detail pages. Making sure that you can easily and quickly optimize the tiles on the store page will help ensure better shopping experiences for your customers. 


These tiles can be created individually with images, titles, and descriptions. Now, you can have them pull that information directly from the detail pages, saving a lot of time and effort while ensuring a consistent branding experience for shoppers.  


There is also now an option to hide out of stock (OOS) products, ensuring that your store only shows products that are in stock and available to customers. They wouldn’t appreciate clicking on a desired product only to find out they can’t buy it. Once the products come back in stock, they will be automatically reinserted them into the product grid. 



Brand Store page versions allow you to customize the appearance and content of your store for specific time periods.  


You can have a completely new store layout for promotional periods like Black Friday, Halloween, and Prime DayAfter the promotion, you can move back to your regular Amazon store.  


Another way this can be used is for vendors with seasonal products. Different versions of the store can have a tailored layout for each season.  


Store versions can also be used is to A/B test different layouts. If you schedule two different layouts to run for the same duration of time and then compare the sales results, you can be decide to stick with the one that performed better 


Making a store page for your brand is a great way for vendors and sellers to show shoppers who they are, along with showing the variety of products they provide. These pages allow for more control for appropriate branding that is rarely available elsewhere in online retail marketplaces. 


This is by no means a comprehensive account of information about Brand Stores. If you want to know more, or get help creating them, contact Navazon today.