Using Amazon Live to Grow Your Brand

Shoppers can find almost anything they could want on Amazon, from sports equipment and electronics to essential oils or emergency preparedness kits and everything in between.  


With so many products that could grab a shopper’s attention and their money, vendors and sellers need to take advantage of any tool available to get their products in front of potential customers. One of the main ways to do this is with effective marketing strategies. 


But just getting them there might not be enough to convince today’s discerning customer to click that “buy” button. 


Amazon Live gives vendors and sellers that extra level of visibility for the products they want to provide to shoppers, especially during high traffic times like Prime Day and the holiday season. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon Live videos can boost sales and overall brand growth as they engage with shoppers. 
  • The more Amazon Live videos you make, the more abilities the platform provides for success. 
  • Making Amazon Live work well isn’t easy, but taking the right steps can bring lasting results. 


Amazon Live Options 

There are two ways that vendors and sellers can get their products on Amazon Live videos, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

    • Amazon Produced  Places your product among others on a video created and presented by Amazon itself 
      • Worry free way to get your product on videos during high traffic periods 
      • Limited control over how items are presented 
      • Placed among multiple other products from other sellers 
    • Brand Produced  Vendors or sellers create a live presentation to promote their products 
      • High focus on products that the brand is selling to customers 
      • Cross sell items that work well together 
      • Great degree of control over presentation of products 
      • Interact with shoppers 
      • Technical needs for ideal live videos that are aesthetically pleasing 


How Does Amazon Live Help? 

Especially during promotional periods like Prime Day and holidays, when there are more shoppers than evermaking Amazon Live videos can boost sales and overall brand growth that can continue after the promotions. 

    • Get discovered 
      • This is a free platform to get the eyes of shoppers on your products 
      • Live videos can be branded to leave a lasting impression on audience 
      • Amazon Live videos can be seen in multiple places 
        • Product detail pages 
        • Brand storefront 
        • homepage 
    • Interact with customers 
      • Platform allows you to interact with shoppers in real time 
      • Answer questions about products and your brand that nobody else can answer 
    • Grow a following 
      • Draw attention to not only the products in the brand, but the brand itself 
      • Shoppers that like the brand can follow and be alerted when the brand starts a new Amazon Live video 
    • Drive urgency
      • Offer shoppers special promotions only available to viewers of the live stream 
      • Limited time offers encourage shoppers to buy before time is up 
    • Drive sales
      • A product carousel accompanies the live video with links to the brand’s products 
      • Highlight products in the video and on the carousel at the same time to bring shoppers to their detail pages 


Levels of Amazon Live 

There are three levels of Amazon Live users where higher levels unlock further abilities to reach customers with live streams. 

    1. Rising Star – Everyone starts here 
      • Stream using the Amazon Live app 
      • Share links to your live streams 
      • Gain followers that want to watch all your live videos 
      • Be seen in various locations throughout Amazon 
        • in appropriate category 
        • Live Now row on the live page when streaming 
        • Product detail pages 
    2. Insider – To reach this level, brands must stream for 90 minutes in 30 days and apply to be reviewed 
      • All the benefits of the Rising Star level 
      • Eligible for “Hero” placement at the top of the Amazon Live page 
    3. A-List – To reach this levelstream for 1000 minutes in 30 days and receive $5k in sales or sell 100 units in 30 days through videos, then apply to be reviewed 
      • All the benefits of the other levels 
      • Access to Amazon Live events 
      • Priority support from the Amazon Live Creator team 
      • Eligible to have live streams on the Amazon homepage 


Tips for Live Streaming 

Streaming live is not always an easy task, but there are some steps you can take to smooth out the process. 

    • Practice 
      • Use practice mode before going live 
      • Prepare video and set-up 
      • Check wi-fi connection 
      • Determine how to manage chat; Assistance can help greatly 
      • Review Amazon’s community policy 
    • Promote live streams to customers off Amazon 
      • Share links to Influencer/Brand storefront, Live channel page, or Live streaming URL 
      • Use social media channels and brand websites to reach wider audience 
    • Start to grow following on Amazon 
      • Ask existing audience on other platforms to follow your channel 
      • Remind audience in livestream that they can follow you 
    • Level up your Amazon Live account to unlock additional placement for streaming on Prime Day 
    • Set up livestream in advance of promotional events like Prime Day or holidays 
    • If streaming while running deals, stream for the whole length 
      • The longer you are live, the higher the likelihood of getting better placements 
      • Repeat talking points for a new audience as they come and go 
    • Exclusive offers for live stream viewers 
      • Easy to add through the Live app 
      • Add the deals to the carousel for easy links 
    • Show, Don’t Tell 
      • Put product itself front and center during video 
      • Demonstrate use of product on stream if possible 
      • Restate key points and themes  
      • Consider streaming live with a video encoder 
    • Measure results 
      • Use built-in analytics to improve on next stream 
      • Brand-halo attribution can help track results that come later 


There are still some limitations to using Amazon Live. Of most note, the app is only available on Apple devices. For now, android devices have no app that can connect to the Amazon Live platform, and those users will need to get an iPhone or other Apple device to take advantage of this live streaming. 


Perfecting the use of Amazon Live will take some time but getting started now will get you to building your brand and its loyalty all the sooner. Many brands have a difficult time connecting with their audience and potential customers. Amazon Live provides that opportunity to interact and engage with shoppers, answer their questions, learn their concerns, and showcase the brand as a whole.