What You Want to Know About Sponsored Display Right Now

Key Takeaways 

  • Sponsored Display is an effective way to market products on and off Amazon 
  • Targeting options help effectively reach shoppers through views, products, or customer interest 
  • Creative customization options are now available to make unique headlines and logos 

Amazon is always trying to make advertising simpler and more accessible to vendors and sellers, because their success means success for the Amazon marketplace. The main tools they provide for advertising are Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. Each of these methods of advertising have their advantages and disadvantages.  


Sponsored Display is an effective way to quickly launch a marketing campaign to display your products to shoppers across the shopping journey. The more you know about this tool, the better you will be able to utilize it to grow your business on Amazon. 



Reach relevant audiences  Make sure that your product ads are seen by your desired audience whether they are browsing on Amazon or other websites through desktop, mobile, or apps 

Effective control over ads  Enables marketers to use creative materials with display advertising solutions and targeting options that efficiently reach potential customers 

Data provided to draw insights – Figure out what helps your products sell and make immediate adjustments to follow those successful strategies 


Who can use it? 

Sponsored Display ads are currently available for Brand Registered sellers, vendors. Products that are not eligible for this advertising include adult products, used or refurbished products, and other restricted categories. For more information on these guidelines see Amazon’s policies. 


Countries where Sponsored Display is available: CA, US, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, UAE, IN, JP 



Views  Engage shoppers that have recently looked at your detail pages or the pages of similar productsThese ads appear on third-party websites and apps to those shoppers to remind them that they had considered purchasing a product like yours less than 30 days ago. 

Product – Cross sell your products with related items to shoppers that are actively browsing. Targeting this way will show your ads on product detail pages or product-related pages, including products that are complementary to yours. Targeting related products in your own catalog can help strengthen your brand presence and keep other advertisers from leading shoppers away from your detail pages. 

Interest – Grow your brand and introduce your products to new audiences. With this kind of targeting, marketers can reach shoppers that have visited detail pages of products in specific interest categories within 90 days. These ads appear on Amazon detail pages or product-related pages. This kind of targeting is currently only available to vendors. 


Basic steps of creating a campaign 

  • Select which targeting strategy you wish to use 
  • Set the amount of your bid for the campaign and how much you want the daily budget to be 
  • Decide which products you want to promote 
  • Ad is created automatically and begins to appear according to set parameters 



More recently, Amazon has introduced the ability to add customization to Sponsored Display ads. Advertisers can now use their own headlines and brand logos to create marketing materials that engage and communicate with shoppers more effectively. Once these customized creatives are approved, they can go live on the ad campaigns. 


These kinds of ads can show alongside product description pages, customer reviews, shopping results pages, or under the Featured Offer.  


Comparison to Amazon DSP 

While Sponsored Display is comparable to Amazon Demand-side platform (DSP), there are some important differences. Sponsored display is easier to use, is faster, and is paid for on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. DSP allows for a bit more customization, but pricing can vary by format or placement and is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically buy ads at scale. 


Getting your own Sponsored Display campaigns up and running can increase salesgrow your brand, and reach shoppers like you never have before. To reach that success, we suggest setting aside a portion of your marketing budget specifically for Sponsored Display initially. This can generate the data that will help you hone and improve all your future campaigns. 


If you want to learn more about how Sponsored Display and Navazon Inc. can help grow your online retail business, contact a representative today.