Amazon Video Marketing Strategies

Video is one of the most effective forms of marketing, and Amazon is making strides to enable vendors and sellers to utilize this medium to reach shoppers. This medium is especially effective at evoking emotions in an audience and creating ideas about lifestyle that viewers may wish to have for themselves. Video content is showing up all over Amazon to showcase products and knowing how to get brands’ videos playing for customers is becoming more and more critical for successful Amazon business to shine above competitors. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Videos on product detail pages can uniquely showcase the item right alongside the images 
  • Sponsored Brand Videos enable you to showcase multiple products in search 
  • Videos on Brand Store pages let businesses show shoppers who they are and form connections 
  • A+ Premium videos can take advantage of highly customizable content to present products or brands 
  • Amazon Live videos are one of the best ways to connect and communicate with your audience 


Product Video 

If you want to let shoppers know exactly what your product is, what it can do, how to use it, or key features it offers, a product video is the perfect place to do so. This video is listed with all the images of the product at the top of the detail page. This placement is ideal for quick shoppers who want to know about products as fast as possible. These videos are also free to post and enhance the shopping experience. Amazon’s guidance on the videos covers specifications, policy, and more. 


Ideal use of product videos 

    • Attract attention quickly with action and color 
    • Increase engagement by addressing shopper needs 
    • Highlight brand excellence to increase loyalty and purchases of other brand products 
    • Explain product features to increase conversion 
    • Answer customer questions before they look at competing products 
    • Solve shoppers’ problems before they return a bought product with complaints and bad reviews 


Sponsored Brand Video 

While videos have been available on product pages, retailers including Amazon are moving towards using videos in marketing operations that can be as diverse and widespread as other sponsored advertising campaigns. Sponsored Brand Video ads provide the benefits of attention that video generates to increase brand recognition across multiple pages on, such as in search results and on various product detail pages.  

Amazon has many guidelines and specifications for these videos to show in your advertising, including a length from 6 to 45 seconds, not containing customer reviews, on screen text of at least 30 pts, and more. Instructions on other Amazon Video Ads show how brands can also use videos to target audiences on the Fire tablet as well. 


Benefits of Sponsored Brand Video 

    • Tell your company’s story and extoll brand benefits 
    • Drive traffic to your brand store and detail pages 
    • Increase conversions with visuals 
    • Create a 3D shopping experience 
    • Educate consumers 


Brand Store Videos 

While Sponsored Brand videos can highlight your brand quickly to many shoppers, video placed on a Brand Store page can communicate what your company is, its values, and the role it can play in its customers’ lives. Vendors and Brad Registered sellers can use this platform to connect the audience to their products and create a branded shopping experience. These videos must be at least 1,280 x 640 pixels, less than 100MB, and formatted as avi, mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, m4a, m4v, or m4p. 


Benefits of Brand Store Videos 

    • Expand your brand story, vision and goals to increase loyalty 
    • Showcase products available within your brand store 
    • Increase conversions and traffic with visual engagement 
    • Educate shoppers on top products and how items can work together 
    • Free to post  


A+ Premium 

The enhanced A+ content on detail pages are an ideal place for brands to communicate with shoppers beyond product descriptions and bullet points. Video content goes hand in hand with that kind of communication, and those that pay for Premium A+ can use that section of detail pages to customize it even further. 


Ways to use A+ Premium Video 

    • Showcase individual product in use  
    • Answer questions about the product before they are asked 
    • Create lifestyle ideas for shoppers to emulate 
    • Educate audience on care and cross sell other products 
    • Highlight overall brand to connect with audience 


Amazon Live 

One of the most engaging ways to use video is to create live content. Amazon Live is a unique platform that allows brands can create events for audiences to engage with as they shop. Using Amazon live requires time and effort, but it can help generate brand loyalty and a following that would be almost impossible otherwise. The answers to common questions can help users know the specifications requirements to stream these videos. And what’s more, it is free to use. 


Tips for Amazon Live 

    • Coordinate with social media 
    • Try to generate brand loyalty and an Amazon following 
    • Create a face for the brand with a charismatic presenter 
    • Answer shopper questions in real time 
    • Create a sense of connection and community with customers 
    • Post often to gain Amazon Liver user levels and unlock added benefits 
    • Synchronize with deals to generate urgency 


Being able to create quality and engaging video is becoming more and more essential to get the greatest benefits and success on Amazon. If you cannot create the videos in house, teaming up with some media production company can be of great benefit. If you have footage that needs to be put together for the different Amazon platforms, many consultancies, including Navazon, can help polish it for optimal viewing by shoppers.