Amazon Day Delivery

In line with Amazon’s customer obsession, they have recently offered a new program to its Prime members. Amazon Day delivery allows those shoppers to consolidate their deliveries in a week to a single day/delivery. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon Day comes at no added cost, is easy to use, and lets you choose when deliveries are best for you while cutting down on excess packaging. 
  • While most items can be included in Amazon Day deliveries, there are some exceptions. 
  • In addition to its own benefits, using this delivery option can sometimes generate rewards for the customers. 



Amazon Day This delivery program is currently only available for shoppers with Prime memberships, but it comes at no added cost. Users can choose a day in the week for all their ready packages to be delivered, from Monday to Saturday, no matter when they ordered them. Saturday is the default day, but any day can be selected later if your schedule calls for it. 

If you know that your Amazon Day is usually best for you, you can set it as your preferred delivery option, preselecting this delivery program for every purchase. However, when you place your order, you can also opt for other delivery options if you need them, such as same-day, two-day, etc. 

Less Waste – Choosing to group your packages into one day of delivery not only helps in streamlining schedules. Many of your items may be able to be boxed together, reducing the number of packaging materials used that you must then throw away. Often, your deliveries may come not only on the same day, but in a single delivery, saving Amazon money in those materials and other shipping expenses that they can then pass on to customers. This reduced waste helps the environment in many ways, which brings Amazon even closer to its goal of being carbon neutral. 

Predictable Safe DeliveryWith increased online shopping, package theft has also risen in recent years. While there are other measures people take to reduce this crime such as cameras and package tracking, Amazon Day delivery is an ideal option to ensure that customers are home to receive packages before the thieves have time to pick them up. 



Some ineligible orders While many items can be a part of Amazon Day deliveries, there are some exclusions. 

    • Prime orders fulfilled by third-party sellers  
    • Shipments containing items that aren’t eligible for One-Day or Two-Day Shipping  
    • Prime Pantry items  
    • Amazon Key deliveries  
    • Shipments containing Hazmat items  
    • Delivery addresses outside of the contiguous U.S.  
    • Deliveries to Amazon Hub locations  
    • P.O. Boxes  
    • Orders where delivery date may be unpredictable due to weather or other factors  

But it is important to remember that items are eligible on an individual basis. They may not fall under any of the above categories but may not be able to be in Amazon Day deliveries. 



Along with all these other conveniences and benefits, some orders may offer promotional rewards that are given to your account automatically once your package ships. You can use these rewards on eligible rewards in the future. Read the email sent when you get the reward and more details for restrictions and use. 


The benefits of Amazon Day deliveries for both Amazon and its customers are very apparent, and could also increase the demand for vendor and seller products that qualify. Learn more about the program in the Amazon Day page or its customer service page.