Monitoring and Controlling Product Detail Pages

One of the most important tools for selling on Amazon, or any e-Commerce site, is the detail page. It is here that shoppers can learn the most about a product, and what they find there will either send them away or convert them into customers. Ensuring that your page will produce the latter requires a constant effort for vendors and sellers.


Key Takeaways

  • Content on detail pages potentially comes from many sources, which results in fluctuating information that does not necessarily come from you
  • Monitoring can catch costly issues like suppressions and incorrect content
  • Constant monitoring of detail page content on larger catalogs is much easier with specific tools designed for the task


Detail Pages Reflect Brand Image

The way a product is portrayed on a detail page communicates the brand to shoppers. They may not go to a Brand Store page or visit your website. The detail pages of your products may be the only chance to make an impression on shoppers.

Ensuring clarity, consistency, and accuracy on detail pages is essential to growing brand loyalty and making a good impression. Detail pages with redundant information, mismatched formatting, or just skeleton information could tell shoppers the product itself is equally poor in quality.


Constant Changes

The information on detail pages can come from any source that is selling the product, whether they are 1P vendors or 3P sellers. Amazon’s system dictates what information comes from which contributor. The problem is that Amazon can’t always tell what information is correct, helpful, correctly branded, or most insightful.

Another time that erroneous information might appear on detail pages is when Amazon makes updates. These updates can then allow content that is older, overwritten, or from a different contributor to become live once again.


Monitoring for Content Issues

Keeping a constant eye on the detail pages of your products can help you avoid some costly issues.

    • Incorrect Content – If false information is found on your detail page, it could detract from sales or cause poor customer reviews, which can greatly affect future sales. Catching such content quickly can keep them from becoming too costly to fix.
    • Suppressions – Monitoring detail pages can catch when Amazon suppresses one of your products well before anyone notifies you about it. If the product is suppressed, it is neither searchable nor purchasable, resulting in a loss of potential revenue.


Monitoring Techniques

If a catalog is small enough, it is easy enough to manually scan through the detail pages one-by-one, but even then, constantly doing that even only once a week can be a drain of time and energy for businesses. Especially for larger catalogs, a more efficient process is necessary to monitor these detail pages.

    • Perfect Catalog – Maintain your own record of what you want the content to be, including titles, bullets, descriptions, images, etc. When monitoring, lining up the live content with your “Perfect Catalog” will make finding discrepancies easier.
    • Data Gathering – Utilize a tool that pulls all the content from the live pages all at once, so you don’t have to visit each page individually.
    • Monitor Weekly (at least) – Since changes can happen quickly and start to make costly impacts, keeping a constant vigil is necessary.


Fixing Errors

Even when you find errors in your detail page content, getting them corrected is not easy. Creating cases with Amazon through Vendor Central or Brand Registry often results in copy/pasted answers about their automatic system creating the best experience for shoppers. It will take patience and a lot of struggle to work through Amazon’s system so that they will make sure that corrections occur.


Navazon Inc. monitors and updates detail page content for its clients constantly. Our Amazon experts are continually finding new ways to ensure that brands’ content is accurate and optimized for shoppers to convert into customers. Contact a Navazon representative today to see how we can help you keep your detail pages on track.