Ensuring Proper Catalog Structure to Boost Sales

Organization and proper structure in your Amazon catalog can have a huge impact on the success of your products on the marketplace. While it may seem straight forward, there are several aspects of the shape of your catalog that can be optimized as your offers change and grow.


Key Takeaways

  • Linking your products through variations can take advantage of ASINs with high traffic, high search rank, and many reviews
  • Correct browse nodes help ensure products are found by shoppers who are browsing for ideas as well as complementing Amazon’s search algorithm and augmenting AMS spend.


Variations Constructively Connect Your Products

Many detail pages only display a single product, even if there are many versions of that product available. Creating variations of the product provides a seamless shopping experience for customers. When products are linked through variations, every option of size, color, pack quantities, etc. can be seen on a single detail page rather than having to navigate to multiple pages.

Creating a variation can also add a valuable boost to product visibility at a low price point by showing counterparts of more expensive items. Shoppers can more easily compare and evaluate each product.

In addition to keeping the customer in the shopping funnel, linking product in variation families allows them to share some of their most useful aspects. An ASIN that has found a lot of success, having a naturally high search rank, lots of positive reviews, and high overall traffic can share those positive attributes with all the versions, raising the discoverability and conversion rates for all variations. For this reason, variations can also be used to drive customers to new products when variated with older similar products.


Correct Use of Browse Node

At times, products find themselves listed in browsing nodes that have little or nothing to do with the actual product. These ASINs will likely experience a drop in what their ranking should be and possibly show up in searches where they aren’t relevant.

Certain categories function differently with Amazon systems as well. Programs like the Automated Title Services (ATS) apply to certain categories and not others. If your product gets placed in the wrong category, it might completely alter the title to make it unappealing to shoppers.

Some people that shop using Alexa might not even be able to find products that aren’t in the right browsing nodes. And Best Seller ranking can be completely nullified if a product finds its way into an improper category.

Correct browse nodes also aid to help AMS performance. With correct category placement, your products have a higher likelihood of appearing in front of shopper that are likely to click and buy your products.


Reviewing the organization and structure of your catalog may be a critical step in the next stage of success on the Amazon marketplace. With intuitive variations and proper browse nodes, your products will be well on their way to growing your business revenue.

If organizing the structure of your catalog seems a bit overwhelming, contact one of Navazon’s experts today to see how we can help get you on the right track.