Navazon Monthly Webinar – January 2020


Click here to download a pdf of the slides, Jan 19 2021 Navazon Webinar

Staying up to date with Amazon and all the ways to sell on the marketplace requires constant focus. Navazon is here to help you navigate the shifting e-commerce landscape and help your business grow. This month’s webinar covered a variety of high-priority topics!


Key Takeaways

  • Going through a detailed list of tasks to make a successful product launch
  • Use your detail page effectively to communicate with shoppers and Amazon
  • Certain techniques can help get your products in stock at Amazon Fulfillment Centers
  • Changes in Vendor Central has altered how you fix and update products
  • Avoid profit losses from Lost Buy Box issues with proper monitoring and action
  • Upgrade your Sponsored Brand ads to be most effective
  • Ad testing can improve your campaign performance


New Product Launch Checklist

Making sure that products are ready for success on the Amazon platform takes a lot of work, and paying attention to the details counts. Here is a checklist to make sure your items have the best chance at success.

        • Conversion
          • Customer reviews
          • Discount
        • Traffic
          • Effective Advertising
        • Inventory
          • Manual Buy
          • Born-to-Run
          • Dropship
        • Content
          • Strong title
          • 5 Bullet Points
          • 5 Images
          • Backend Keywords
          • Browse nodes
          • A+
          • Video

Effective Content

The content of your detail pages has a few purposes. Primarily, it educates shoppers about your products, but it also teaches Amazon about how it should treat your products and whom it should show the product to in searches and advertising. Make sure that key aspects of your detail pages aim to do those things.

        • Strong title – Grabs the attention of shoppers and clearly communicates what the product is
        • Bullets – Describe features and their benefits in informative and keyword-rich phrases
        • Keywords – Use ARA/AA or other keyword generating services to find high-value terms to include
        • Images – High resolution images that show the product in use or highlight top features
        • A+ – Optimize for mobile platforms and use to crosslink to other products in your catalog
        • Video – Show the product in real-world use so they can see themselves using it
        • Browse nodes – Making sure your items are categorized correctly is critical for effective advertising and more

Get Products In Stock

If Amazon doesn’t have your product in their fulfillment centers, shoppers won’t be able to buy it. Vendors can solve this dilemma in several possible ways.

        • Vendor Manager – Negotiate a manual buy to add your products to Amazon’s inventory
        • Born-to-Run – Put your products in fulfillment centers and get them sold in a limited time to show Amazon they are profitable
        • Dropship – Ship directly to customers so that your own warehouses are available to shoppers
        • Customer order – Get someone you know to place an order so that Amazon must create a purchase order to get the item in stock

Increase Traffic

Having the best product in stock and effective detail pages might do very little if shoppers never see it. Effective ads will bring shoppers to your pages that are ready to buy your products.

        • Sponsored Products – Target through keywords and products
        • Sponsored Brands – Target through keywords and products
        • Sponsored Display – Target through interest and products on and off Amazon

Drive Conversion

Ensure that shoppers click that “buy” button and convert to customers with that extra incentive.

        • Customer Reviews – Shoppers will trust your product more if other customers have tried it; There are several ways to increase customer reviews available
        • Promotions – Giving a deal to shoppers is a tried and true way of generating interest and purchases


Product Edit Change in Vendor Central

The interface for editing products in Vendor Central has changed to hopefully make the process easier. Many values you can enter into the detail also show you what Amazon is currently using for that value, even if it came from another contributor. This way you can save time if someone else has already created that value beforehand. Fixing products is also a bit more straight forward, with a “Quick Fix” option often available.

Lost Buy Box

This happens when your offer is not the features offer on the detail page of the product. The featured offer is the one that grabs more than 80% of purchases. If Amazon is making more money off of 3P offers than the vendor manager thinks they could get by ordering from you, purchase orders are less likely. Monitor lost buy box issues in your catalog so you can address them before they become larger losses. Analyzing the data behind the lost buy box can inform actions that will help remedy the issue, helping you avoid thousands of dollars in lost profits.


Upgrading Sponsored Brand Ads

Effective advertisements will target your most effective audience and drive sales for overall growth of your brand.

        • Eye-catching images
        • Only advertise items that are in stock
        • Cater images and text to target demographics
        • Focus messaging around seasonality, holidays, back to school, etc.
        • For ads that drive shoppers to your store, ensure the product in the ad is in the store

Ad Testing

Find more effective advertising content for your campaigns by A/B testing different components. This allows you to hone your ads to grab your ideal shoppers and boost sales.

        • Ad components to test
          • Tag line
          • Custom images
          • Included products
        • Advertising data to help you choose winning content
          • Sales
          • ACOS
          • Click through rate (CTR)
          • Conversion rate

Amazon Frontier – New Tools & Programs

Navazon has been developing tools that can help you manage your Amazon accounts more efficiently and with fewer headaches.

    • Navazon Pulse – Make sure your products become live and sellable on the marketplace
    • Navazon Spotlight – Monitor the content of your entire catalog and find ways to improve
    • Navazon Compass – See all your Amazon data in one convenient location


As 2021 begins it is critical to stay aware of changes to Amazon, the online industry, and your individual products so that you can act quickly and make any changes that become necessary. Last year saw 10 years worth of eCommerce growth in 90 days of the pandemic, and this growth isn’t stopping. Consumers will judge your brand by your ability to deliver positive experiences from the ads they see on their screen to the package that arrives on their doorstep.

If you need help to address any of these issues and more, contact a Navazon expert today to see how we can help optimize your catalog to increase your sales and profitability.