Amazon Retires Review Comments

How did review comments help?

Reviews are a major aspect of detail pages, creating an outsider view of the product for shoppers. Products with more and better reviews perform better in virtually every aspect on the Amazon marketplace. Commenting on reviews was an effective way for vendors and sellers to address customer concerns or help resolve issues they may have.

This allowed brands to foster more positive relationships with consumers and publicly display their willingness to ensure their customers were satisfied. This improvement of brand impression is key to future success of the product and catalog.


Why did Amazon get rid of it?

According to their messaging, Amazon got rid of the feature because it wasn’t being utilized enough to justify its continued use. However, they do note that they will be providing other ways for vendors and sellers to interact with their customers.


What can vendors and sellers do now?

There are still ways for brands and to communicate with shoppers and consumers, aside from the review comments, which can help them improve their brand image and customer satisfaction.

    • Respond in detail page content: Even if you can’t reply directly to a customer review, you can address their concerns elsewhere on the product listing. Whether it is in the title, bullets, description, or enhanced content, providing information that will prevent future dissatisfaction with purchases can greatly improve the performance of the product.
    • Customer Service: Many customers will try to contact you or Amazon before they write a negative review through tools like “Buyer-Seller Messaging,” which is only available through Seller Central. Be prepared to address such concerns quickly, efficiently, and with a positive resolution for the customer. This could turn a potentially negative review into a positive one.
    • Use other tools: Amazon has said that it will provide other ways for sellers to communicate with customers and address their concerns. When they come out with new tools, don’t hesitate to try them out. Another tool that helps communication with shoppers is the “Customer questions & answers” section. Reply to questions quickly. You can also supply more information that may address issues you have seen in reviews.


Effective and prompt communication with consumers is essential for positive shopping experiences. Ignoring negative reviews shows a lack of care about your customers, so finding some way to address any issues that arise becomes a key task for any brand. For more information on the topic read this Business Insider article.

If you need assistance in addressing review problems or other e-commerce issues, contact a Navazon representative today to find out how we can help drive your Amazon business to success.