What You Need to Know About Vendor Central Changes to Product Edits

Tracking changes that Amazon makes to the Vendor Central interface is an important part of managing an Amazon account properly. Recently, they have made some adjustments on how vendors can edit details of the products in their catalog. 


Edit product detail page 

Changed Look 

Previously, this page showed the list of values for vendors to enter about a product in two columns. Now, a single column helps streamline that page and group the values more efficiently.  

Included live values 

If the different values for the product already have current information applied to the live detail page, the edit product details page now shows that information to the vendors. You can see it in grey text right above the fillable box. 

Fix Products 

When looking at your Catalog page on Vendor Central, there is a new link you can click on right under the “Manage Products” header. Clicking on “Fix products” will take you to a list of products in your catalog that Amazon has identified as having some problem with your details.  

Quick Fix 

Some of the products on your “Fix product” page may have a button beneath them called “Quick Fix”. Clicking on this button opens a window with suggestions from information that Amazon already has. You have the option of confirming that your product matches what Amazon suggests or dispute it, where it will direct you to create a “contact us” case to correct the information. 

What do these changes mean? 

These changes to editing products in your catalog can improve the process of optimizing your listings. Knowing what Amazon is already using for any given value can show you if you need to worry about generating those values yourself. They can also give you a base on which to build for better titles, bullets, descriptions, etc. That information already being there can greatly speed up your process of generating those values yourself whether you use what they have or not.  


The “Fix products” page will give you an ideal way to identify your ASINs that have issues that could affect their profitability and retail readiness. Then, with those products with a Quick Fix option, you have a possibility of fixing the issue almost immediately. 


Making the most of the tools that Amazon provides ensures that you have more ways to optimize your catalog and grow the success of your business. Stay up to date with the possibilities and changes at Amazon with Navazon Inc. If you need help in keeping your catalog updated and using these new Vendor Central tools, contact a Navazon representative today to see how we can help bring success to your Amazon business.