Navazon Monthly Webinar – February 2021 Optimizing your brand for mobile

Click here to download a pdf of the slides, February 2021 Webinar

Key Takeaways 

  • Experts say 53% of ecommerce sales will be through mobile in 2021 
  • Successful brands on Amazon spend time and resources to create a connected brand experience across all platforms
  • Upload branded lifestyle images & infographics for your top products 
  • Utilize sponsored brand mobile creatives and video ads to capture mobile shoppers 
  • Create Amazon posts to drive brand awareness 

Mobile Statistics for Ecommerce 

  • Experts forecast 53% of ecommerce sales will be through mobile in 2021​ 
  • Amazon has 150 million mobile shoppers 
  • Mobile Ecommerce sales are forecasted to reach $432B by 2022 

The most successful companies online are devoting resources to creating content and building a connected brand experience across their channels. Screen real estate on a phone is limited and competitive, make sure you’re the one taking it up. 

Building Your Brand to Connect with Mobile Shoppers 

The Amazon mobile experience is all about imagery. People expect the shopping experience to have the same rich content that they interact with on social media platforms such as Instagram, or tik tok. If you want to be competitive in today’s online marketplace, you have to tailer your content to the mobile shopper.   


Here are a few tips that we have for creating content to target mobile shoppers: 

  • Upload high quality branded images, and infographics with feature callouts.


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  • Call out important customer benefits with A+ content because mobile shoppers will not read your bullet points. 
  • Design your Amazon store with the mobile customer in mind. Utilize the custom mobile layout where applicable.  

Maximizing Your Marketing Impact on Mobile 

On Amazon, content is king. Amazon’s advertising platform empowers you with the capability to target shoppers using high quality content. 


Here are our tips for maximize your marketing impact on mobile: 

  • Upload high-res lifestyle images to your sponsored brand ads to control search results and engage mobile shoppers.  
  • Run fast paced, energetic, sponsored video ads to capture the attention of your mobile audience. 

  • Create Amazon posts to control your mobile detail pages and target competitors within your category. 

Final Words 


Amazon is making a push to get more content in front of their customers. Your competition is implementing their multi-platform strategy across the globe – right nowMake sure your company is at the forefront of your industry by developing a robust e-commerce strategy that thrives within the nuance of each sales channel.  

Navazon Inc offers full-service Amazon account management that helps you fine tune every aspect of your Amazon business, from creating and implementing high quality content, crafting highly efficient marketing strategies tailored to your business, giving you insights via our Amazon focused analytics platform, all the way to negotiating with your vendor manager. 

If you are interested in capturing the full potential of your business, reach out to Navazon for a free consultation. One call might change your business forever.  

“I learned more about navigating through Amazon in 3 hours than in 3 years working on the account. I walked away with more confidence and a list of actionable items to improve the success of the account.” 

-Kim Roper 

National Accounts Manager, Kidde