Navazon Monthly Webinar – March 2021 New Account Launch

Click here to download a pdf of the slides, Navazon Webinar March 2021

Key Takeaways

· Discover the essential keys for successful creation and implementation of content on Amazon

· Learn methods of getting your inventory into Amazon fulfillment centers

· Ensure your products are Retail Ready and prepared for success

· Understanding the basics of Amazon Advertising and how to make it effective

· Use key data points to drive action at every step of your launch



Use the content of your detail pages to teach customers and Amazon about your product. The information that goes on the detail page should engage with shoppers to drive conversion. Some of the most effective content is in enhanced content that simulates interaction, like images of the product in use, or video. This is also bolstered with positive reviews and promotions.

Optimizing the content for mobile shoppers ensures positive shopping experiences for all. All these things should be generated using strong data that tells you what keywords your audience searches, what images they resonate with, etc. Start building these detail pages early to ensure they are flawless before launch. · Titles – Use most important keywords

· Bullets – Describe features with associated benefits

· Keywords – Use ARA/AA to find high value keywords

· Images – Use high-res images with pictures that show the product in use

· A+ – Showcase your brand and highlight key features

· Video – Give customers real world context


Operations Ensuring a smooth operational flow between your business and Amazon is critical to creating a successful account. Amazon has a Resource Center with many documents, videos, and other information that can help guide operations in launching accounts and products.

One thing you’ll want to keep an eye on is chargebacks, when Amazon charges you for when you are not compliant with their processes. These can happen for a variety of reasons, but you can see them in your Vendor Central account under “Reports” and “Operational Performance”. Data for your chargebacks is available for the previous 365 days.

Getting Amazon to order your product can be a tricky process that requires an understanding Amazon’s platform. Depending on the category, product listings have to meet different requirements to be orderable, and those orders are based on demand which is estimated by forecasting.

· Basic Tricks to Getting Amazon Orders

o Generate demand with your own actions

o Force a PO with a customer order

o Manual buy from your vendor manager

o Add initial drop-ship (DS)/direct fulfillment inventory

o Born-to-run (BTR) program

· Staying in Stock

o Out-of-stock (OOS) hurts your forecast, which hurts future orders, and becomes a downward spiral

o Monitor Weeks of Cover (WOC) – Amazon wants 4-8 WOC in stock based upon previous demand

o Avoid using Rep OOS% – Amazon suppresses OOS detail pages, resulting in inaccurate GVs

o Utilize BTR and DS to fill ordering gaps or issues

o Develop a forecast or utilize Amazon’s forecast for internal planning and manufacturing



Advertising on amazon is essential to help shoppers find your product. Even if your products appear on the second page of search results, over 90% of shoppers never click past the first page. Successful advertising in turn helps your products appear higher in organic search results.

In order to have effective marketing that generates customer purchases, the products need to be Retail Ready. This is a collaborative and resource intensive process that is a cycle, or a dynamic sequence of steps to successful brand presentation on Amazon.

· Basic retail readiness

o Inventory, Robust title, 5+ bullets, keywords

o Full description engaging customer, answers possible questions

o 3+ stars, 15 reviews min, 5+ images

· Understand your Channel

o Understand who you’re selling to, on and off Amazon, and how this impacts your Buy-Box

o Watch for “other sellers”

· Identify Roadblocks

o Monitor retail readiness, content, and competition

o Knockoffs & Amazon warehouse offers on detail page

o Understand the Retail Readiness levers in your control

· Amazon Advertising Strategy

o Leverage all ad types to drive visibility, relevance, and increase brand awareness

o Generate targeted campaigns to up-sell, cross-sell, brand protect

Using the primary types of Amazon advertising effectively will help you reach and engage with customers that are interested in buying your kind of product, giving your account a great boost. · Sponsored Product

· Sponsored Brand

· Sponsored Display


Another key ingredient to marketing with new account and product launches, and overall Amazon success, is creating a Brand Store. This customized Amazon page allows you to offer a unique brand experience for shoppers, and it doesn’t cost anything to create.

· Get your personalized Amazon URL

· Add links to your social media sites

· Create specific products and categories the custom hero images

· Feature Products



All of the actions you take with your Amazon account should be driven by and based on data. For each major piece of your Amazon business, there are Key Data Points you will want to analyze for a successful Account Launch.

· Content

o Glance Views

o Conversion Rate

o Content Score

o Conversion Share

o Click Share

o Sales Rank

o Suppressions

o Share of Voice

o Retail Readiness

· Operations

o Fill Rate

o Product Availability

o Chargebacks

§ ASN Accuracy

§ PO On Time Non-Compliance


§ Prep

o LBB (Price)

o Rep OOS

o Weeks of Cover

o Invoice & Payments

o Shortage Claims

· Marketing

o Glance Views

o Budget vs Actual

o Promotional Spend

o Advertising Spend

o Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS)

o Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

o Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS)

o Click Through Rate

o Eligibility


Navazon uses these different points of data to generate data insights that drive action and produce revenue for our clients.


There is a lot that goes into making an Amazon account successful, but beginning businesses can achieve growth if they ensure that effective processes are followed. This will help make sure that shoppers see and are attracted to your products, converting them into satisfied customers.

Navazon’s experts are highly practiced in launching full accounts and specific products. But they also ensure that those launches turn into constant growth and success for their clients. If you want to know more about how Navazon can help you launch your products on Amazon contact us today.