Are You Retail Ready for Prime Day?

What is a Retail Ready Product?


Retail Ready products create the best shopping experiences for your customers. With informative content, optimized operations to make them available, and ensuring shoppers buy from you, Retail Readiness is critical for businesses to have a successful Amazon Prime Day.


Key Takeaways


  • Make sure that shoppers have the information they need to make an informed purchase
  • Optimizing product detail pages involves images, text, and more
  • Ensure your offer is winning the Buy Box so the shopper purchases from you
  • Get your product inventory into Amazon or otherwise available to shoppers


Customer Communication


Shoppers like to be informed about the products they are buying. If they have unanswered questions about your product, the likelihood of you getting a purchase drops dramatically. Don’t let that happen.


  • Answer Questions
    • If you have a frequently asked questions page on your website, use that to inform the copy and text of bullets, descriptions, and enhanced content.
    • Answer questions that shoppers pose in the “Customer questions & answers” section.
    • Include as much information about your product as you can in various sections of the detail page.
  • Reviews and Ratings
    • Many questions can be answered by other shoppers and previous customers, which they may trust more, making the ratings and reviews a critical piece of retail ready product.
    • Get at least 15 reviews on every product you want to feature and advertise, especially during Prime Day.
    • Products with higher ratings have more success, so focusing on products with at least 4 stars will bring you greater revenue.


Detail Page Optimization


Amazon detail pages contain a lot of information. Optimizing that information not only helps shoppers know more about the product, but it also helps inform Amazon’s systems about who would be interested in buying your product.


  • Images
    • Ensure you have at least 5 images, all meeting Amazon’s standards.
    • Several images should show the product in use to connect more with customers and see themselves using it as well
  • Keywords
    • Make sure your titles, bullets, and descriptions are rich with effective keywords.
    • The most important keywords should go in the title.
    • Do not “keyword stuff” your copy, as it can cause confusion and a bad shopping experience for the customer.
    • Keep the text concise and easily readable.
  • Bullets, Description, and A+
    • Have at least five informative bullets.
    • Bullets should highlight a feature and describe the feature’s benefits.
    • Descriptions can contain the most keywords.
    • Connect with customers in the description with more emotional language.
    • Enhanced (A+) content will let you brand your product effectively, provide customizable information, videos, and more to convert shoppers.

Win the Buy Box


The perfect content, reviews, and customer communication will do you little good if they don’t buy the product from you. Most purchases on Amazon happen on the offer presented in the Buy Box of the detail page. There are various techniques to ensure that Amazon’s offer, and not that of another 3rd party seller, takes that place.

  • Manipulate prices to beat out the competition.
  • Take control of your other distributors so they don’t undercut your sales.
  • Ensure that other sellers are legitimate and not knock-off products.


Make Sure Your Inventory is Available


Even if everything else is perfect for shoppers to buy your product, if your products aren’t in a place shoppers can access them, you won’t find success. During peak retail times, like Prime Day, making sure you have available inventory can be a challenge.


  • Trigger Amazon’s system to make a purchase order by generating demand or get a buyer to make a manual purchase.
  • Ensure you have a dropship/direct fulfillment offer available for shoppers to buy.
  • Use the Born-to-Run program to get products into Amazon fulfillment centers.


If you can make sure your products are retail ready with these basic steps, you will be well on your way to making sure they increase your revenue through Prime Day and beyond. If you need a Navazon expert to help guide you through these processes, contact us today to find out how we can help you.