How to Prepare Your Operations for Amazon’s Prime Day

Finding success on Amazon Prime Day isn’t all about advertising your products well. Your business operations and preparation play a huge factor in whether your products sell on such a high-profile event. Take the time now to prepare your business for Prime Day 2021. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Selecting the right products to promote through the event is the base of success 
  • Ensuring the chosen products are Retail Ready will help them stand out to shoppers 
  • Getting your stock to Amazon and available to shoppers is key for performance 


Product Selection 

Selecting the right products for Prime Day promotions will make or break your event. You need to make sure the product is appealing to customers with great content, strong inventory, and enough margin for you to offer a good discount.  

  • Capitalize on products doing well to increase brand loyalty and recognition​ – Prime Day isn’t the time to build up a struggling product. Products that already have a solid base of success have a higher likelihood of boosting sales and growing your brand. 
  • Look at profit margins and determine your budget You want to identify products where promotional activity makes financial sense. 
  • Select items with sufficient stockMake sure you have strong inventory to support the campaign so that you can maximize its impact.  


Retail Readiness 

Ensuring that your chosen listings are optimized before Prime Day is critical to maximizing their potential growth. There are many measures you can take to ensure your products are prepared to showcase themselves to the large audience of this huge eCommerce event. 

  • At least 15 reviews & 4+ star rating​ 
  • 5+ images​ 
  • Winning the Buy Box​ 
  • Strong titles & keywords​ 
  • Product featured in brand store​ 
  • Answer customer questions answered via images, title, bullets, and more 

For more on being Retail Ready, read here. 


Filling Inventory 

If your products aren’t available for purchase, your potential customers will go elsewhere to get what they want. Get your inventory into Amazon Fulfillment Centers or make them otherwise available to shoppers. 

  • Input Promotions Early – Submitting promotions in a timely manner allows Amazon’s forecasting tools to recognize an increase in future demand 
  • Use Born-to-Run – This program allows you to send product to Amazon and absorb the risk of unsold units yourself. This is ideal for products that Amazon isn’t ordering for one reason or another. Create the Born-to-Run offers 3-5 weeks prior to event. 
  • Utilize Dropship – Making the products in your own inventory helps ensure Amazon won’t run out. Adding units to direct fulfillment helps ensure your customers can always order what they need. 


Avoid the headache of operational road bumps that can bring your profits down and keep you from having a successful Prime Day. For more guidance on how you can streamline your operations for success on Amazon, contact a Navazon expert today.