How Can Brand Registry and Project Zero Help You?

As the potential for business to succeed and grow with Amazon has increased, so have the number of people trying to take advantage of the marketplace to make a quick buck at the expense of shoppers and legitimate businesses.

To combat these bad actors, Amazon has developed programs to help stop their dishonest practices and protect all valid users of the online marketplace.


Key Takeaways

  • Brand Registry helps to build and protect your brand
  • Project Zero lets brands leverage Amazon’s strength to fight counterfeits
  • Effective use of Brand Registry enables you to access Project Zero


Why Should You Sign Up for Brand Registry?

Businesses can thrive and shrivel away depending on how shoppers view their brand. Brand Registry provides tools that help enhance a business’ ability to communicate clearly with shoppers and customers, as well as ensure that what is said about your brand and products on Amazon is accurate.

  • Brand-centric content and marketing: A+ content, Sponsored Brand advertising, and Amazon Stores
  • Brand Analytics: Helps you learn about customers with detailed data that helps drive action
  • Protect your brand: Tools that help manage your product listings to ensure accuracy; Automated programs to remove suspected false content; Report violations with an easy process

Read more about Brand Registry from Amazon.


Why Upgrade to Project Zero

Project Zero is an extension of Brand Registry specifically made to help brands work with Amazon to fight counterfeiters of their products. When Amazon trust a business this much to assist in its work, they get access to very useful tools to do so.

  • Automated Protection Programs: With powerful machine learning educated by data from the brands themselves, Amazon scans daily listing update attempts to find counterfeits.
  • Self-Service Tool: The powerful ability to remove listings from Amazon is handed to these trusted brands to handle themselves, further strengthening Amazon’s automated protections.
  • Product Serialization: Applying unique codes to every unit manufactured lets Amazon compare those codes to every product scanned and purchased through Amazon’s stores.

Read more about Project Zero from Amazon.


How Can I Get to Project Zero?

Not just anyone can get access to the powerful tools of Project Zero. Before a business can qualify for this level of partnership with Amazon, there are thresholds they have to meet first.

  1. Brand enrolled in Brand Registry with a government-registered trademark
  2. Use Brand Registry to help protect your brand
    • Be the rights owner of the trademark
    • Have an amazon account with access to Brand Registry
    • Submit reports with potential infringements that receive an acceptance rate of at least 90% in the previous six months.

Amazon may take other factors into account to ensure proper use of such a powerful tool, but it is worth the effort to protect the integrity of your brand with such efficiency.


Navazon works with many clients to ensure they have the tools to protect their brands from fraudulent listings and counterfeits. Contact a representative today to see how we can help you find the right solutions for your business.