Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Reviews?

Customer obsession has helped Amazon become one of the most successful marketplaces in the world. Customer reviews are a key element of that customer satisfaction. As such, reviews should play a critical role in managing any Amazon business account.


Key Takeaways

  • Use positive reviews to further enhance and highlight the product
  • Negative reviews can help you improve your business and customer relations
  • Tools to monitor reviews help you make the most of them quickly


Positive Reviews

When someone leaves a positive review, you can use that to even greater advantage on and off the Amazon marketplace.

    • Learn What People Like Most – Reviews can reveal an aspect of your product that you may not have even been aware of. With this information, you can reform your marketing for the product.
    • Use in Amazon Content – A positive review that points out a unique trait of the product can help you rework the content of its detail page to point out that trait for other shoppers.
    • Quote on Your Website – What people say about your product can be used beyond Amazon as well, so you can show their review on your own website or marketing efforts on a variety of channels.


Negative reviews

While people may think that negative reviews leave nothing but a black spot on your detail page, these unflattering comments on your product produce other opportunities for businesses to improve operations.

    • Fix a Problem – Negative reviews can highlight some flaw in your product that you can fix in future development of the product.
    • Identify Possible Counterfeits – A legitimate review that points out flaws that you know aren’t in your product can indicate that there is someone selling a counterfeit of your product. Then you can alert Amazon to the issue to get the counterfeits removed.
    • Build Credibility – Negative reviews help you build credibility and show the customer that you aren’t just paying for 1000 5-star reviews



Analyzing and gaining data insights from reviews on a large catalog can be very time consuming, and without the right software to help, it is virtually impossible. The right tools can quickly gather data from ratings and reviews on a large scale, essential for a business to take advantage of this critical aspect of selling on Amazon


Navazon uses quick and efficient software that helps businesses keep a close eye on their reviews so that they can react quickly and appropriately to their customer satisfaction. Contact a Navazon representative today to learn how we can help you make the most of your reviews.