How Does Amazon Support the United States Postal Service?

With the quality of service in the shopping experience that Amazon offers, from product selection to quick deliveries, it may seem like a wonder that businesses that also offer those services still exist, including the United States Postal Service (USPS). However, this organization is an essential partner in Amazon’s operations. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon works with the USPS to provide optimal service 
  • The USPS is in a difficult position in this increasingly digital age 
  • Amazon supports the new Postal Service Reform Act and encourages its advancement 


Longstanding Partnership 

Amazon has relied on the USPS since the very beginning, depending on the over two centuries of service they have provided to people throughout the country to affordably deliver mail and packages. The infrastructure they have built up allowed Amazon to get off the ground when it was selling its first items. 

Despite having a fleet of its own delivery vehicles, Amazon values the service the USPS still provides, delivering into the farthest reaches of the country. The combination of these delivery services ensures packages can reach customers as fast as possible once they have ordered them. 


Struggling USPS 

Since the Postal Service is funded by revenue from the services it offers, rather than from taxpayers, and with the declining amount of paper mail that revenue is decreasing. That decrease, along with some difficult funding mandates, has put the USPS in a hard financial position. The organization estimates that without changes, it will loose $160 billion over the next ten years, which could be a blow to Amazon and its customers. 


Postal Service Reform Act 

The U.S. government is aware of the Postal Service’s difficult situation and has introduced legislation meant to assist the USPS in its efforts to remain sustainable. This reform act is meant to ensure that the agency can continue utilizing its incredible network and footprint to serve the people. Since those people are also Amazon’s customers which receive so much of their focus to satisfy, the ecommerce giant looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership with this iconic and necessary organization. 


Amazon has offered more detail into how this reform will help the USPS reach sustainability. But you can also read more about the act on the congress’s website.