New Tools for Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon continuously comes up with ways to improve the experiences of its shoppers. With Amazon Pharmacy, they show that they don’t just care about customer experiences, but their health as well. Price comparison eases a burden on people that already have enough to worry about. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon Pharmacy prices can now be compared to prices from other retail pharmacies 
  • It all circles back to better experiences for shoppers and customers 
  • This practice may represent a test and roadmap for the future outside of the pharmacy 


Price Comparison Tool for Medicine 

Amazon is introducing features in Amazon Pharmacy that help shoppers find and compare prices for their medication. This is not a common thing to be able to do, and Amazon is proud to be making this task easier for those who need it most. Shoppers can compare the cost of these medicines between Amazon Pharmacy and other retail pharmacies that accept a Prime savings card. This can save Prime shoppers up to 80% on generic and 40% on brand name medicine, a huge benefit for those likely to be in difficult financial situations already. 

This tool also includes the ability to compare co-pay prices when using insurance. Shoppers won’t even have to call around to pharmacies or insurance to figure out how much they will really be paying. 


Better for Shoppers 

Reminiscent of what Santa Claus does for shoppers at Macy’s in the classic movie Miracle on 34th Street. By telling shoppers where they can get what they want for the best price, regardless of the retailer, Amazon, and Santa, aim to ensure customers leave satisfied every time. When it comes to something as important as health care, having a customer leave with a smile is the least of the goals. If they are happy customers, they will want to come back. If they save money, they will have the capacity to do so. If they are still alive because of the medication they were able to afford, that ensure a loyal customer for a longer time. 


A Model Similar Tools Across Amazon? 

It is a common business practice to test an idea or tool on a limited scale to see if it works well enough to dedicate more resources to apply it on a larger scale. The price comparison tool could be just that for Amazon. If they see that providing this ability to shoppers in their pharmacy brings in more returned shoppers and growth, they could very well decide to apply something similar to the rest of their retail marketplace. Currently, you can only compare prices to others selling through Amazon, but expanding that ability to other retailers of a product could have a large impact on how vendors and sellers decide to set their prices on Amazon or other online marketplaces.  


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