Prime Now Merges with Amazon’s Primary Platforms

Back in 2014, Amazon began their Prime Now service to provide shoppers with last-minute delivery of essential items that they can’t really wait for. Until recently it had been its own mobile ap and website. Now, Amazon is merging Prime Now with Amazon’s primary app and website. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Prime Now provides ultrafast deliver of everyday essentials, groceries, and more 
  • Moving Prime Now to Amazon’s primary shopping platforms provides more benefits 
  • This transition will also benefit vendors and sellers of those items and related products 


Prime Now Gives Fast Service…Now 

Quickly becoming a favorite of Amazon Prime shoppers after its release in 2014, Prime Now seems like it has the mystical power to make items we buy appear in our hands almost instantly. This service lets shoppers get those items we always seem to need immediately with a super-fast delivery; diapers, a gift you forgot to grab when you were out, or the side dish for dinner that you already started cooking. Until now, it has been its own separate ap and website that shoppers had to visit aside from their regular shopping on 


Merging with Amazon will Improve the Experience 

By becoming a part of Amazon’s primary selling platforms, Prime Now can further benefit shoppers in a number of ways. 

    • Convenience: Being able to search for Prime Now products in stores within, such as Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market, simplifies the shopping experience and can help declutter the aps taking up space on your phone. 
    • Still Quick: Same ultrafast delivery of everyday essentials, gifts, toys, high-quality groceries, and more. Shoppers can receive many items in as little as two hours or less. 
    • Shopper Friendly: Features will let you add items to your ultrafast order easily and then Amazon’s system will prepare quick access to your favorite past purchases along with recommendations and more. Alexa can even get in on the action by adding items to Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods shopping carts. 

Initial feedback on the merging from shoppers in countries where it has already taken place is overwhelmingly positive. The details about Prime Now’s move let us know that this is the natural next phase of the Amazon service. 


What does the Prime Now Move Mean to Sellers? 

This merging into Amazon’s main platform provides a unique opportunity for 1P vendors. Products available through Prime Now are listed separate from 3P offers of the same product because most sellers cannot deliver as fast as Amazon. And since shoppers don’t have to look on completely different platforms, that friction to purchase is reduced, making Prime Now offers even more valuable for Amazon and the 1P sellers that provide them. 

Even more advantages could come to the forefront as Amazon continues to innovate and add services to improve the shopping experience for the shoppers. Staying up to date with these kinds of changes is essential to finding success in any Amazon business. 


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