How do Small Businesses Play Critical Roles for Amazon?

Everyone knows about Amazon’s customer obsessed focus, but they also are highly driven to ensure that their business partners are successful as well. Amazon partners with other businesses in a variety of ways, giving both opportunities for growth that will further their capacity to satisfy customer needs. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon’s small businesses partners help optimize Amazon’s performance for customers 
  • Partnering with Amazon provides small businesses opportunities that are hard to find 
  • Navazon has the experience and tools to help vendor small businesses optimize performance 


It’s All About the Customers 

Amazon likes to ensure that their small business partners share their same values, geared to satisfying shoppers and customers. For example, its extended network of drivers that finish the last leg of many Amazon deliveries are encouraged to focus on safety. If a small business of transportation prioritizes the safety of its employees on the road, it will also be prioritizing the deliveries themselves and ensuring they get to the customers in one piece. Amazon also pushes for partner vendors and sellers to work within Amazon’s system of conveying information about products. Businesses that use those systems well take advantage of Amazon’s fast research and data to provide positive shopping experiences. 


Small Business with Big Opportunities 

But the customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the partnerships between Amazon and small businesses. Those businesses find many opportunities that would be difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. Those delivery businesses rely on the packages that Amazon needs delivered to have a sustainable business. Without that partnership, the business would likely not exist, let alone thrive. Small business manufacturers and sellers of product also benefit from the incredible size of Amazon’s audience and fulfilment infrastructure to sell on a scale that would be next to impossible with in traditional business models. 


Optimize Your Partnership 

Vendors and sellers already working with Amazon are well aware of the benefits that come from their partnership. However, the benefits don’t just magically appear when you upload product listings. Amazon’s systems can seem complex and overwhelming to the untrained. Navazon Inc. has experts that are well-versed in Amazon’s operations, and they have tools that allow them to efficiently optimize account performance.  


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