Why Should Your Business Be Selling on Amazon?

Online shopping is a new reality of life. And businesses that hadn’t even considered it in the past are now realizing how vital it is for their growth, especially through Amazon. Selling on the world’s largest marketplace is helping businesses find success that would be otherwise impossible. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon’s shopping audience is unrivaled with 2.45 billion monthly visitors
  • Amazon can help you expand and reach new markets
  • Amazon provides a full suite of tools that enable you to grow your business  


How Popular is Shopping Online with Amazon? 

The current climate of the prolonged pandemic may lean toward a preference to shop in stores, according to a survery from DealDrop, but the growth of the ecommerce industry is undeniable. In the U.S. alone, online retail has averaged a 15% growth year-over-year for the past ten years, and it is expected to continue that trend.  

Amazon is the most popular online retailer in the US, with about 133 million google searches a month, more than Walmart and Home Depot combined. 

2.45 billion monthly visitors to Amazon create a consumer audience retailers and marketers dreamed of. Amazon provides businesses a way to reach millions of shoppers easily that would be virtually out of reach with more traditional methods of marketing and product placement. 


Expanding to Markets with Limited Access 

Aside from a business being able to reach colossal numbers of shoppers in their own regions and countries, Amazon provides a way for them to expand to other areas of the world that may be otherwise cut off from their products. For example, according to a CNN article, a Chinese business had been blocked from selling in India because the country had banned their selling platforms. However, making their products available through Amazon has allowed Indian shoppers who want their competitive fashion items to purchase them conveniently.  


Amazon Tools Help Make Online Retail Successful 

Other methods of selling online, like designing your own website and mobile app, come with a lot of headaches and work that you either have to learn or hire others to build for you. Even getting your brand out there where people will see it is an obstacle of its own. Amazon has tools and proven guidance that helps ease these burdens when selling on their marketplace. From Amazon Advertising, their various metrics, variety of levers to pull, vendors on Amazon have an ideal foundation to make their online business a success. 


Is Amazon Worth the Headache? 

While all those benefits may seem straightforward, they don’t come easily to all vendors or sellers on Amazon. Achieving goals of revenue and growth can be difficult, and the tools Amazon provides are not always the most intuitive. Contacting actual people at Amazon to help with problems and even tracking one’s own profitability can be a pain that many businesses find outweigh possible increased revenue. This has given rise to a need for businesses like Navazon, with practice overcoming those obstacles to help businesses grow with Amazon. 


With the number of people businesses can reach through Amazon, the easier expansion to more markets, and the customer friendly tools they provide, it is a wonder that any business doesn’t sell on Amazon. Navazon Inc. is a team of Amazon experts that help businesses sell and growing on Amazon even more. Contact us today to talk about moving your business to the world’s biggest online retailer or expanding what you already have.