Amazon’s 2021 Prime Day Boosts for Small Businesses 

Amazon’s 2021 Prime Day continued the company’s annual trend of growth. Much of that growth included the growth of small businesses across the country and around the world. And when Amazon wins, all businesses they work with benefit from that success. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Amazon invested $100 million to help small businesses succeed 
  • Customers spent almost $2 billion over the two-week period leading up to Prime Day on the promotion 
  • Success for small businesses mean success for Amazon 


Amazon’s Biggest Smallest Partners 

Amazon knows what drives its success, and they used Prime Day 2021 to drive that success home. Investing $100 million for a promotion leading up to the event, Amazon encouraged shoppers with a “Spend $10, get $10” promotion, where they could spend $10 on participating small business products to get $10 to spend on Prime Day. This is the kind of investment that shows that Amazon wants to share their success with business partners and shoppers alike. 


Major Success for Small Businesses 

This promotion lasted for two weeks leading up to the Prime Day event. During that time, “customers had spent over $1.9 billion on more than 70 million items, which was more than a 100% year-over-year increase on sales compared to the Prime Day 2020 promotion in October.” These businesses achieved up to 750% increases on units sold, 400% increase in shoppers on the storefront, and more. These kinds of results can then be used by businesses to grow even beyond Prime Day. 


An Amazon Partner Means a Successful Partner 

Small businesses that sell their products through Amazon are a major force for what makes Amazon the hub that it is for online shopping. Amazon, and this Prime Day in particular, gives these businesses the audience they deserve for their unique and quality products. Whether they use 1P or 3P models, Amazon’s work with retailers helps businesses of any size reach levels of growth they could not achieve on their own, Amazon included. 


Prime Day 2021 was a great success for all involved. And for those not involved, there is still Prime Day 2022 coming up, and it is never too early to start preparing. Navazon and its Amazon experts are here to help your business make the most of Amazon’s events, promotions, and holidays year-round. Contact us now to find out what you can do to increase your Amazon business.