How Do I Get Product on Amazon?

Having products sell on the world’s largest online marketplace is incredibly valuable, as many businesses can attest. However, getting there can be a difficult process if your aren’t practiced with Amazon’s processes and procedures. Here is a basic guide to uploading products onto Amazon to sell. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Using the “bulk upload” process is the simplest way to get groups of products online to sell 
  • Bulk upload through Vendor Central to find and download the spreadsheet to fill out 


Why Bulk Upload? 

To get your products on Amazon you’ll want to use the bulk product upload, which is available for most categories. Especially useful when businesses are first starting out on Amazon, or when they come out with a new line of products, “bulk upload” allows you to compile your products’ information into one place for submitting to Amazon all at once. It also helps automatically identify issues you can address quickly. 


How do You Bulk Upload? 

To upload groups of products all at once through Vendor Central, use the following steps. 

    1. Navigate to Items > Add Products.   
    2. From there, you’ll click “select product type” then select any applicable categories for the products you’ll be adding.  
    3. Once your categories are selected click the yellow “continue” button at the bottom of the screen.  
    4. From there, click the “Download a blank template” button at the bottom of the page, which will bring you to a new page that shows you the status of your download.  
    5. Once your download is available click “Download spreadsheet” and open the excel file that it downloads for you.  
    6. The file you downloaded should have a tab with instructions, and a tab for each category that you selected. You’ll want to fill out each category tab with the information required (required cells will be outlined in RED) for the products that fall into those categories.  
    7. If your product is already on Amazon with good ratings/reviews you can add an offer to that ASIN by entering the ASIN into the “Suggested ASIN” column.  
    8. When you upload the file, it will likely error out. You can then download the error file and see what’s missing, or doesn’t match, fix, and re-upload.  
    9. Once you’re done filling out the information, save your file. 
    10. Go back to your download page on Vendor Central (Items > Bulk Product Submissions), click “Upload products”, click “Browse”, navigate to your freshly modified/saved file, and click “Open” then “Submit spreadsheet”.  
    11. Amazon will confirm that all information is correct, and let you know if any products were in error. If there are errors you can re-download the file, fix any issues, and resubmit using the same process as before. 


Gather Product Data 

Before you get started, you should gather as much information about your products as you can, so that while you are filling out the spreadsheet, you don’t have to go hunting anything down. Don’t just find out what is required and then go gather that information. Amazon regularly makes updates on what information is required for different products, and having it already entered or easily available can save you headaches if you need to make edits later. 


This process might seem like a headache, and at times it can be. Navazon Inc is specialized at making this process, and many more, much easier for businesses. With our Amazon specialists, Navazon can grow Amazon accounts to new heights. Contact us today so we can help upload and get your products selling.