Are Your Amazon Products Suppressed by Pesticide Policies?

In the past months, Amazon has adjusted its policies regarding pesticide-like products that are listed on the marketplace. If products seem to fall in this category, they must meet specific requirements, otherwise Amazon will remove the offer from the website until it is resolved, possibly costing businesses sales.


Key Takeaways

  • Amazon has updated its policies on pesticide products, leading to suppressed products across categories
  • One key trigger for suppressions are keywords, which should be avoided on product listings
  • Navazon’s tracking technology can catch suppressed products so that any issues can be fixed, and it can start selling again


Pesticide Policies at Amazon

It can be a headache to figure out all the details of Amazon’s policies and implement them into your catalog, and changes make that even more difficult. With its recent crack-down, many businesses have experienced suppressed products that they can no longer sell because they are marked as pesticides by Amazon, even if they aren’t.


In brief, any pesticide or pesticide device in the U.S. needs to follow federal, state, and local laws, including registration and labeling requirements. If Amazon does not have record of compliance with these laws, and suspects the product might be a pesticide, it will remove the item listing.


Amazon has provided more detailed instructions and links for those experiencing this issue.


Why is My Product Suppressed?

Product listing removals happen for many reasons, one of which is that Amazon’s systems flag it as a possible pesticide product that doesn’t have the needed documentation. This often happens with key words and phrases that will automatically shut down a listing until it is fixed. Words like “antibacterial”, “prevents mold”, “resists mildew”, “sterilizes”, “sanitizes”, and more are triggers that Amazon automatically finds and suppresses, without even telling you.


How Can I Get Them Unsuppressed?

The first step in fixing suppressed products is knowing that they are suppressed. Since Amazon doesn’t always notify you of your suppressed products, you need to monitor it yourself. Checking each of your listings every day can be a chore, and if you have a large catalog, it can be virtually impossible.


Navazon has the solution to this problem. We have created a system to regularly monitor your listings and identify those that have been suppressed.


Once you know about the problem, you can address it, whether that is gathering needed documentation, removing wording that makes it seem like it could be a pesticide product, and creating cases that get your products live and selling once again.


To learn more about Navazon’s products and services that can boost your sales and grow your brand, contact us and talk to an Amazon expert today.