What Can Amazon Launchpad Do for You?

Does your business need a jump-start or a bit of acceleration to find true success on online? Amazon Launchpad may be the solution you need. Ideal for startups that need to generate brand awareness to reach the maximum audience and increase sales.


Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Launchpad helps increase discoverability, polish product presentation, provide tools, and more
  • Launchpad has helped thousands of small businesses get their products into the hands of shoppers with amazing results
  • The criteria for participation in the Amazon Launchpad program focus these efforts on smaller businesses so they can grow and no longer need that support


How Does Amazon’s Launchpad Help Liftoff?

The primary purpose of the Amazon Launchpad is to increase the exposure and discoverability of your products. Shoppers come here to find new and unique products that they will love. If your business fits the bill, it is the perfect place for your products that the world has needed without ever knowing it.


By placing your items on the Launchpad storefront, in focused email campaigns, and off-Amazon advertising, more people will have eyes on what you are selling. It also offers waived fees for placing certain deals on your products.


With access to unique tools and support from Amazon, Premium A+ content, and global expansion opportunities, businesses that use the Launchpad will be able to rocket to heights they hadn’t thought possible.


Learn more on Amazon’s information page.


How Have Other Businesses Benefited?

Thousands of startups and smaller businesses have used Amazon Launchpad since its own launch in 2015. They have helped hundreds of U.S.-based companies surpass $1 million in annual sales and dozens of other businesses surpass $10 million since it launched in 2015.


In one success story, the creators of the Not Parent Approved game increased sales 500% in Q4 of 2019 when they were using the Launchpad.


The Pretzi Treat Cam gained a lot of fame after partnering with Amazon Launchpad, leading to $130,000 raised from 735 backers.


Will your innovative product be the next Launchpad explosion to join such success?


What Do I Need to Join the Amazon’s Launchpad?

The criteria for entry into the program aren’t incredibly restrictive. All entrepreneurs and brand owners with unique and innovative items can apply for entry. Businesses already on amazon that have generated less than $5 million in gross merchandise sales annually qualify.


Financially, there is a 5% premium added to the referral fees for all sales associated with your account. Amazon may lower this to 3% if your business performs exceptionally well with Launchpad.


At a minimum, brands must have products maintain at least 3.5 stars, have at least 5 reviews, and be enrolled in FBA with Prime Badging to ensure positive customer experiences with your products.


If your brand and products seem like an ideal fit for Amazon’s Launchpad, now is a great time to get them enrolled and generating awareness before the holiday season of 2021 comes. It takes a bit of work, but Navazon’s experts can help you get there. Contact us today to discover how we can help boost your brand and sales.