Cultivate and Protect Your Amazon Garden

You may not think that gardening can teach you about E-commerce and doing business on Amazon, but they are more alike than you’d expect. 


Planting a Garden and Amazon Business 

Recently, I started a garden with my 2.5-year-old daughter, hoping to enjoy the delicious vegetables that grew. We tilled the soil, removed rocks, planted seeds, water daily, and pluck the weeds so that in the end, peas, carrots, and more would enrich our meals. 


However, a nemesis to our quest arrived in the form of a wild rabbit. This rabbit would come into the garden and nibble our plants before they even had a chance to produce the fruits of our labor.  


The same kind of thing can happen when you try to set up a prosperous Amazon business. You expect to put in hard work to create quality products, upload them to Amazon with quality listings, and maintain the offering daily so that shoppers buy your products, bringing you growth and increased sales. 


But then the nemesis arrives in the form of Amazon system complexities, third-party sellers, and other obstacles that cut off your profits, possibly before you even get a chance to see them. 


Protecting Your Garden 

When we discovered the rabbit destroying my plants and future meals, we took action. We built up fortifications around the garden with a fence, stones to prevent burrowing, and more to make sure that the critter could no longer take what we had cultivated. 


The same thing can be done for Amazon accounts to ensure that the hard work you put into your products and account don’t just benefit other businesses. By ensuring that your product listings meet Amazon’s standards and knowing how to solve unique Amazon challenges, such as item suppressions and chargebacks, you can make sure that your account grows into a profitable sales machine. 


There was even one day when I discovered that I had accidentally left the garden gate open, practically inviting the rabbits in the neighborhood for a free meal. For Amazon, such simple mistakes can be costly, unless you catch them quickly and resolve the issue. 


Can You Do It All? 

Gardening is hard work that takes daily dedication and no small amount of time. This can be taxing for busy people who may not even be home enough to care for it. The same is true for Amazon accounts. Many companies are so busy with the production and traditional side of the business that they can’t always pay attention to their E-commerce, let alone be an expert at Amazon sales, advertising, and negotiations. 


For those businesses, Navazon Inc. is here to help. We can tend to the daily needs of your Amazon garden, catching issues before they completely ruin the fruits of your labors, and ensuring you continue to grow a healthy yield!