Amazon’s War on “CRaP”

After years of prioritizing growth over profit, Amazon has shifted their priority in the U.S. from selection to profitability. “CRaP” is an internal acronym for

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Doing More with Less

On December 26th, Amazon announced yet another record-breaking Holiday sales season. While this news itself is noteworthy, and we shared updates about this in last

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French Taxes on Big Tech

When progress on a proposed EU-wide tax on large tech corporations stalled in late 2018, and movement slowed on a Franco-German joint “Tech Ad-Tax”, French

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Amazon HQ2 Announced

After a 14-month search, and more than 230 cities vying for Amazon offices, offering everything from tax incentives to naming rights, the company has zeroed

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Amazon HQ2 Criticism

While some political and business leaders celebrated the news of Amazon’s new office locations in Virginia and New York, backlash mounted among community groups and

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