Amazon Vendor Learning Summit

Navazon’s vendor learning summit is the essential guide to selling on Amazon. The two-day event is packed with insider knowledge of Amazon’s processes and unique insights that Navazon has picked up along the way. 

Next Learning Seminar : 7/15 - 7/16

General Admission

2-Day Full Event Pass
$ 1499
  • Full access to all 10 sessions
  • Live Q&A
  • Ability to request a topic
  • Happy hour
  • Content Scorecard
  • Amazon payment audit
  • Co-op deductions audit
  • One hour consultation


2-Day Full Event Pass w/ VIP Package
$ 1999 Sale ends May 18
  • Access to every session
  • Live Q&A
  • Ability to request a topic
  • Happy hour
  • Content scorecard
  • Amazon payment audit
  • Co-op deductions audit
  • One hour consultation
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9:00—9:30 Session I: Welcome & Introductions


9:30—11:00 Session II: Online Sales – Amazon’s Advantages and How You Can Leverage Them to Your Advantage


11:00—11:15 Break


11:15—12:15 Session III: Growing Your Business: Prioritized Steps to Boost Sales and Profitability


12:15—1:00 Lunch


1:00—1:45 Session IV: Methods of Selling on (1P and 3P) / Sales Methods


1:45—2:30 Sessions V: Amazon’s Internal Incentives and Environment – Your Vendor Manager’s Goals


2:30—3:15 Session VI: Pricing Management and Cost Increases


3:15—3:30 Break


3:30—4:00 Session VII: “Communicating with Amazon” — Contact Us and Escalation Strategies


4:00—5:00 Session VIII: Promotions and Amazon Advertising


5:00—6:00 Networking Happy Hour (Beer, Wine and Snacks)







9:00—9:30 Session I: A Sample of Tools Available and Costs


9:30—10:00 Session II: Technology Tips and Vendor Central Pitfalls


10:00—10:15 Break


10:15—11:15 Session III: Common Contracts and Annual Negotiations


11:15—11:45 Session IV: Amazon Business and International Opportunities


11:45—12:15 Vendor Scenarios


12:15—1:00 Lunch (provided)


1:00—2:30 Session V: Catalog Management and Enhancements


2:30—3:00 Session VI: Catalog Management II – Monitoring and Tracking


3:00—3:15 Break


3:15—4:15 Session VII: Ordering and Forecasting


3:45—4:45 Session VIII: Vendor Scenarios


4:45—5:00 Wrap Up & Question

With the VIP package, you get exclusive access to Navazon’s tools and services. 


Navazon currently manages accounts of all sizes selling in 8 different countries. Our team of specialized experts are former Amazonians, data analysts, marketing specialists, and vendor central wizards. 


Our finance team has recovered more than $1M from payment and co-op audits. 


A one hour consultation will give you time pick the brain of a subject matter expert in the field of your choosing.  


Content Scorecard Receive a snapshot of your current brand image on Amazon. The content scorecard helps a business understand the current health of their brand on Amazon. 


Payment Audit – Navazon’s finance team will run a payment audit to see if Amazon has been paying the correct amounts.



Co-op Deductions Audit – Navazon’s finance team will audit your deductions to ensure Amazon is deducting from payment correctly.


1-Hour Consultation – Navazon’s Amazon experts are at your disposal for 1 hour to answer any questions, troubleshoot major issues, or help you build a plan for the future. 

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