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Navazon utilizes extensive expertise in e-commerce strategies, guiding and teaching businesses to successfully market their products on Amazon.com, increasing sales and profitability. Our team has spent numerous years gaining a mountain of experience in online retail. Having consolidated all those skills, bits of knowledge, and processes in one place, we provide tailored services to help our clients achieve success when selling products on Amazon.com.

Using our services avoids the pain of learning those ever-changing processes through trial and error, employing tools to optimize efficiency and processes to keep improving clients’ accounts. This way, they can focus on what makes them passionate about the products they provide and let us handle the details.

Alan Adams founded Navazon Consulting in 2015 to capture opportunities and boost profits for manufacturers engaging with the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon.com. His drive to create such an enterprise came when he realized that many businesses were at a loss when it came to true success on Amazon. He wanted to supply them with the knowledge, expertise, and continuity needed that was lacking elsewhere, providing person-to-person relationships that help any business reach their goals.

Prior to founding Navazon, Alan was a Senior Category Manager at Amazon.com for 4 years, growing a multimillion-dollar Amazon business. He also built the first two-week onboarding training program for Amazon.com’s North American retail business employees.

Prior to working at Amazon.com, Alan’s experience spanned various commercial enterprises, holding senior positions at Google and supporting the BP Oil Spill cleanup to reduce expenses.

Also a military veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Alan served multiple combat tours over Iraq and Afghanistan as a KC-135 pilot and spearheaded a program that enabled the U.S. Air Force to reduce air refueling costs, increasing combat effectiveness and reducing risk.

Alan holds an MBA from the University of Iowa, a master’s in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a BS in Management from the United States Air Force Academy.

Alan is the founder of Inspiring Excellence, a Seattle-based nonprofit with a mission to encourage enthusiasm for science. A trained rescue diver and private pilot, he enjoys scuba diving and flying in his spare time.

Alan Adams

President, Alan@navazonconsulting.com

Our Team

Navazon’s experts are innovators, collaborators, and problem solvers that are familiar with Amazon’s terms, systems, and process. With extensive knowledge about the e-commerce industry, our team provides all the tools your business needs to sell more, increase profit, enhance branding strategies, effectively use Amazon’s data, and negotiate for better deals with the e-retailer. 

Matt Santorsola


Fred Miller

Director of Account Management

David Ruff​

Account Manager

Tonya Schiller

Account Manager

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Account Manager

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Adam Hardin

Content Creator

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Stuart Lowe

Advertising Representative

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