Amazon Launches Prime 2-Day Shipping in Amazon Australia

Are you looking to boost international sales? Amazon Australia is a new marketplace in 2018. It may seem like the site is incomplete; however, Amazon’s Global store and 3rd party Sellers are likely already selling your products there. 90% of Navazon’s clients have products that are being sold on without a direct offer. While Australian customers used to have access to Amazon marketplaces around the world, Amazon is now blocking Australian customers from all existing Amazon marketplaces except for With this block in place, it is that much more important to set up your own products offers on; you will have better control over product content and branding to Australian customers if you set up products there.
As of September 2018, there are 23 departments to shop on versus more than 50 categories on the U.S. site and new features continue to roll out on the Amazon Australia site. Amazon Australia Prime memberships only cost $59 per year and Prime members get free 2-Day shipping. Since the site is so new, attaining a best seller ranking is relatively easy. On the U.S. site, the #1 Best Seller in Home and Improvement has 3,000+ reviews and is currently running a promotion to maintain its Best Seller status. Whereas the Australian #1 Best Seller in Home Improvement has 1 review and a 4-star rating. Get there first and earn a new-mover advantage!